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  • Your website is usually your main web presence. It must make a lasting impression, and must stick in your viewers minds. There are only a few seconds to make that first impression. In the fast-paced world of the Internet, you get one chance with each visitor, and your logo can be a major factor on whether your visitors will stick around. Let me design you a logo that will help make a lasting impression on your viewers, and help with the all around identity for your business or brand.

Marketing / Advertising

  • Increase your traffic, sales and branding with less expense. There are many marketing streams to venture into, and altogether can be overwhelming. Let me help with new ideas and efforts in driving traffic and ROI upwards with your current and new efforts. Let’s discuss some options to market your site and/or business.


  • Your print creative can play a major factor in all aspects of marketing and if you are driving traffic to your website from print, design is a key player for that success. Let’s talk about the creative you are looking for and I will help you build a campaign that will succeed.


  • Content management systems come in many shapes, sizes… and cost. You’ll be surprised with what you can do with a small budget using a cutting edge open-source CMS. I will use the best open source software that fits your needs and create a dynamic site that is easy to manage. Whether you want to build a content based site or a full-fledged community website, I can help.


  • Blogging can build traffic to an existing site, and of course run an entire site from top to bottom if you choose. This site is built with the open-source blog platform WordPress, and handles many different tasks very well. The best part about blogs are they are very low cost, and can jump start a new business, and drive traffic to existing sites relatively quickly. Let me know your needs, and I will work with you to implement your blog, set up any needed plugins, build custom plugins, and design a theme/template to fit your needs.


  • Sell your widgets online with little upfront cost. I will create an online store for you with the latest and greatest open-source software available. A huge range of modules and customization to fit ANY need. Selling internationally? No problem. Downloadable products? No problem. Do you run a brick and mortar also? No problem. Contact me to discuss your needs, and you’ll be excited at how much you can do with a small budget, using cutting edge open-source solutions.


  • The markup you use is one of the most important part of your website, hands down. Bringing your site up to standard, valid XHTML will allow for cross-browser compatibility, faster loading pages, and will give you a good start on SEO as well. There are many ways to accomplish relatively the same thing using different markup, but semantic and valid code is increasingly more important.


  • Search engine optimization can be a real big hassle, and can be overwhelming in competitive markets. The key to SEO is to have a well-rounded presence on and offline. I can help you move up in the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and dozens of other engines for a relatively low cost. Making simple but effective changes in your code, writing new content, link building and marketing are the 4 ways I can help you increase your website’s conversions.

Other Needs

  • Of course I will help you with email, hosting, acquiring a domain name and any other upfront needs you may have. I won’t be charging monthly fees and extra charges for these things, just for the time it takes to set them up. I have been very frugal in my own ventures online, and I take pride passing on my knowledge of finding the best solutions at low cost to my clients.